Five reasons why buying off plan is a sensible move right now

The current situation we all find ourselves in has certainly provided a wonderful period of self-reflection for people of all ages, considering personal goals and achievements, changes they would like to make in their career and lifestyle, and of course, their home.

The same can be said for those who are enjoying their retirement. Social lives, hobbies and commitments have had to stop or adapt, often leaving us with a little more thinking time. Perhaps even the space and time to rethink and potentially reset some of our options as we approach the future.

A refreshingly forward approach to home buying is to select your next property off plan, when it’s still in the design stage, and sometimes even before a brick has been laid. While it may feel a slightly radical idea, it lends itself well to the current situation for several reasons (see our list below). Perhaps it’s not such an unusual idea anyway, as we have seen a clear uplift in people asking about ‘off plan’ right now.

Here are five key reasons why buying off plan could be a sensible way to choose your next home right now...

You get to choose the prime plot

Choosing to purchase your property off-plan means you can choose the prime plot, beating others to the apartment or cottage that provides the best views and aspect, is south-facing or tucked away in a peaceful corner, has the best layout for your needs, and just feels right in your eyes.

At Gradwell Park in South Chailey, East Sussex, some of the apartments look out across the South Downs National Park, giving you arguably some of the best views from an apartment window in the UK. There are some very special plots to come within this community, you can be the first to find out more, by contacting us here.

You are future proofing your retirement lifestyle

Recent events have taught us that uncertainty can strike at any time, and it’s important for all of us to take the steps that future-proof our lives. While some things are out of our control, you can secure your future home, community and lifestyle.

A retirement community is as much about the lifestyle as it is the bricks and mortar. Of course you will be purchasing a home that has been thoughtfully designed and finished to the highest specification, be able to ease the stress of daily chores with onsite dining in the restaurant and weekly cleaning and laundry services, but you will also become a part of a welcoming community of like-minded people, with the potential to build new friendships and enjoy an active social life, if you want to.

You have the time to take a mindful approach to moving

Downsizing and moving home are big decisions and can be stressful - but it doesn’t need to be. Buying off plan means that you don’t need to feel the pressure or rush often associated with buying and moving home. This approach allows you much more time to tend to your existing property and even enjoy the process.

You can take your time in choosing whether you would like to sell or rent out your current home, selecting and appointing your chosen estate agent and solicitor, when necessary.

When it comes to packing up your home, it’s helpful to allow yourself the proper time for organising and decluttering your possessions. Take the time to choose the items that bring you joy and would like to take with you to your new home, you will inevitably create an environment aligned with your new lifestyle! All of this can happen in a much more relaxing and thought through timescale.

Your family can take their time in getting used to the idea

Sometimes, families can take a little more time getting used to the idea than you do! They care so much and want these potentially big decisions to be the right ones. The time that buying off-plan gives you means you have months ahead to have these conversations with your loved ones, sharing brochures and website information with them. In some cases, as with Gradwell Park, there’s even a 3D scaled model of the village which really brings it to life and will help both you and your family picture everything even more.

Of course, once they get the opportunity to experience village life for themselves, they will understand that the move will improve your quality of life through the property and community.

Many of our residents’ children feel that moving to a retirement community is the best thing their parent have done; you can read for yourself in these case studies:

Mr Kidwell, Charters Village

Mrs Brighton, Gittisham Hill Park

Mrs Romaine, Moat Park

It’s an event to plan for

Just because our lives are a little on hold right now, it doesn’t mean that we can’t control our destiny, and what we envisage our next move to be. Having a new property to move into and new lifestyle to embark upon, could be just the boost you need to remind you that the current situation won’t last forever!

Right now, you have all the time in the world to start planning for the big event – the move to your new retirement community! This time will give you full control of the moving process, rather than feeling rushed and hassled.

Starting with drawing up lists and priorities to arrange the process from start to finish, including the VERY enjoyable part of choosing furnishings, accessories and finishing touches – there’s lots to think about and plans to be made for your next exciting chapter.

Alternatives to buying off plan

If you feel that buying off plan still isn’t the right process for you, as its difficult not being able to visualise your home, you could purchase a ready-built property. A property that has been completed, but not yet owned, and ready for you to put your stamp on! These properties are available right now at Debden Grange in Essex and the Polo Field development Lime Tree Village in Warwickshire. Why not browse what’s available from the comfort of your armchair as all properties are listed on our website here?

There are so many options and avenues to becoming a part of a new retirement community – perhaps the current situation has taught us all to think a little differently about what we want in the future.

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