Your Community Connect: Post-Coronavirus Advice

As we all navigate what is an uncertain time, there is still a place for us to plan for the future. Whether you want to learn more about the community at our villages, or you want to understand how you can still plan a retirement property move, then we hope you find the resources here of use.

Please do also remember: if you would like to learn more about any of our villages or what the Retirement Village lifestyle is, then please do get in touch with us. We can discuss your requirements with you over the phone, or via a video call – we would even be happy to give you a virtual, online tour of a Retirement Village or a particular property.


Simply click the links below to explore our resources to help you plan for after coronavirus:  

Don’t put your future plans on hold

Here we offer guidance on what you can be doing now to prepare for the move into one of our communities. Click here to read the article.

When ‘community’ really comes into its own

Village communities, like our own, continue to thrive right now - but in a slightly different dimension, due to the challenges of self-isolation. Here’s a taste of what that looks like for us and how life in a retirement community really does come into its own at such a time. Click here to read: When ‘community’ really comes into its own

Why renting could be an attractive option post-Covid-19

Given the current situation, is renting actually a much more viable option? Or, at the very least, something to consider with a slightly more open mind right now? We look at the stats and the different reasons why renting works for many in this article: Why renting could be an attractive option post-Covid-19

What’s it really like to live in a retirement community?

We are still ‘open for virtual business’, with our dedicated teams ready to answer any queries you have over the phone, email or even video call, but it currently isn’t possible for you to visit our communities in person. So, instead, we will bring our residents directly to you, through the medium of film and the written word. Click here to read: What’s it really like to live in a retirement community?

Five reasons why buying off plan is a sensible move right now

A refreshingly forward approach to home buying is to select your next property off plan, when it’s still in the design stage, and sometimes even before a brick has been laid. While it may feel a slightly radical idea, it lends itself well to the current situation for several reasons. Discover those reasons in our article: Five reasons why buying off plan is a sensible move right now

Learn more about the Retirement Villages community and lifestyle

We have a wealth of information on our website exploring each of our villages, which is still available for you to access as you plan for your retirement property move.

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