Your Community Connect: Keeping Social

Keeping social has never been so important. We’ve heard some wonderful stories from the past weeks about small and large neighbourly gestures, we’ve been making use of online tools to make video calls to friends and family, and we’ve certainly been busy at our villages to do all we can to keep residents connected.

That’s why we have created the ‘Keeping Social’ area of Your Community Connect – so we can pack it full of advice and ideas for you and your families to stay connected and make the most of online (and offline) tools.

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Good neighbours and why we’re appreciating them

Join us as we discuss why good neighbourly initiatives are making a come-back – and have a look at some of the ideas and heart-warming stories we’ve come across.

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Podcasts: What are they and where to start?

According to a report from Ofcom in 2019, around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts every week. That’s one in eight people! Podcasts are a brilliant way to learn about a new topic or grow your passion for a hobby – but many podcasts also simply offer great entertainment value. We took a look at what exactly podcasts are and give our recommendations on some podcast episodes you might want to give a go.

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Is it time to revive pen pals?

Picking up a pen and writing a letter is a heartfelt act. Writing letters can not only help us connect with the recipient, but also reconnect with our surroundings and ourselves; it’s a very ‘mindful’ practice. We ask whether it is time to revive pen pals and offer tips on topics to cover in your letters – along with a few places where you can strike up a new pen pal relationship. Click here to read: Is it time to revive pen pals?

Tech Tips: Common glitches with video calling and how to fix them

Video calling is a brilliant way to keep us connected with our friends and family – but there are a few common glitches that we all experience now and again. In this article, we offer some quick tips and fixes to help you get going with your next video call…

Click here to read: Tech Tips: Common glitches with video calling and how to fix them

TED Talks: What are they and how to tune in…

TED Talks were created to deliver information and ideas related to their namesake: Technology, Entertainment and Design. They are a fascinating source of entertainment and certainly worth giving a go. We’ve compiled some tips on discovering and listening to TED Talks and listed some of the most popular TED Talks amongst the over 50s. Click here to read: TED Talks: What are they and how to tune in…

Tea over the fence – social distancing but staying neighbourly

You may be searching for ways to stay in touch with your neighbours during this time, so we’ve put together some ideas on how you can stay social whilst still keeping a good physical distance. Click here to read the article.

Advice on avoiding online and offline fraud

We recently created an infographic to highlight some of the scams that residents should look out for and take steps to prevent. We wanted to share this with you too, in case you found any of the information useful. Simply click here to view the infographic. Alternatively, click the image to view a larger version.

2020-05-18 19303 Covid-19 Scams Infographic_A4 - SMALL

For further information and advice on avoiding fraud and scams, click here to read: Advice on avoiding online and offline fraud.

Tips and advice on setting up a virtual club

With the power of technology at our fingertips, there are still plenty of ways to run and enjoy our regular clubs! We've written an article compiling our tips and advice on setting up a virtual club, whether that's a book, gardening, community or art club. Click here to read: Tips and advice on setting up a virtual club.

How can you volunteer whilst staying socially distant?

Despite social distancing, there are still opportunities to volunteer. We've compiled some websites to provide inspiration when thinking about the type of volunteering you may want to become involved in. Click here to read: How can you volunteer whilst staying socially distant?

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