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Whatever the time of year, many of us crave a connection with nature and the great outdoors. In this section of Your Community Connect you’ll find articles, videos and even ‘virtual tours’ that will help you to make the most of the fresh air and nature, in whatever way you can.

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Always updated photos of our villages, as the grounds come to life

Our residents and wonderful village gardeners have been sharing photos and videos of village grounds as they come to life over Spring. Whether it’s new blossoms on a cherry tree, pond wildlife starting to grow or a walk along a new woodland path, we hope this resource gives you the chance to feel connected with nature, learn a little more about the great outdoors at our villages and perhaps even discover some gardening inspiration of your own!

With the world a little quieter, we’re listening to…

Have you noticed that the birdsong is a little bit clearer recently? The dawn chorus at our villages has been spectacular – and that got us thinking about creating a celebration of the sounds we enjoy when we’re out in the fresh air. In this article we take a look at some of the best videos online of the dawn chorus recently, along with some great online tools to help you identify birdsong. We have even included a couple of snippets from our own villages too!

A guide to stargazing

Getting some fresh air and appreciating the outdoors doesn’t have to be a daytime-only activity! In this article, we explore stargazing and why we think now is the perfect time to be embracing this new, and fascinating, hobby.

Nature diary ideas and inspiration

A nature diary can be a simple photo album on your smartphone, a paper diary or a scrapbook; and it can capture moments from a daily walk or the changing seasons in your garden. Whatever form it takes, a nature diary can help you to feel more connected with the outdoors and appreciate the moments you have enjoyed in nature. Click here to read: Nature diary ideas and inspiration

Bring the outdoors in, with indoor planting

Introducing greenery in our homes can empower us to become creative, it can transform our rooms and add an extra dimension to carefully curated interiors. In this article we offer tips and advice on introducing some of the best houseplants into your home – from those with scent, through to those with dramatic structure or air-purifying qualities. Click here to read: Bring the outdoors in, with indoor planting

Creative ideas for your garden – using only what you already have!

If you’re struggling to get hold of some key gardening supplies, we’ve put together a list of crafty gardening ideas to help you reuse and recycle what you already have at home. Click here to read: Creative ideas for your garden – using only what you already have!

Some of the most unusual roses for your garden

Whether you have loved roses for a long time, or you're keen to try your hand at growing them for the first time, then make sure you give this article a read! Click here to read: Some of the most unusual roses for your garden (along with a few alternatives and varieties you may not have seen!)

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